As September begins, thoughts will inevitably return to the events of 2001, but the progress made over 11 years of installing steel columns and cladding at One World Trade Center marks the beginning of a new era for New York City.

The tower has risen quite literally from the ashes of the 16-acre site on which the former World Trade Center towers stood, whose footprint now serves as a memorial to the lives lost there 14 years ago.

Since 2004, construction of One World Trade Center has been ongoing, and it was officially opened on November 3rd 2014.

EarthCam released time-lapse footage of its construction earlier this year, showing 11 years of work condensed into just two minutes – from the first steel columns that were installed at the site, to the stunning reflective glass facade that now surrounds the tower.

Brian Cury, CEO and founder of EarthCam, produced and directed the footage which includes construction work as far as Memorial Day 2015.

In the video’s YouTube description, he comments: “It’s our mission to continue to document this for future generations, so people can see what it took to rebuild these important 16 acres.”