Purchases ofstructural steel are likely to be higher in the months to come, with newconstruction orders for infrastructure projects up year on year.

Figures fromthe Office for National Statistics show both private and public infrastructureinvestments rose between the second quarters of 2011 and 2012, by 38.5%together.

Thisrepresents a recovery from what, in Q2 2011, was the lowest ebb of the currentmarket cycle, which has seen erratic rises and falls in infrastructureinvestment over the past three years.

With eachincrease, demand on suppliers rises too, with heavyweight components such asstructural steel needed to support infrastructure builds.

Duringslower periods of the cycle, however, suppliers are working hard to make suretheir stocks are kept high, ready to cater for the next upturn.

With all newconstruction orders averaging a rise of 11.1% over the year, and a modestincrease of 0.2% over the previous quarter, the market is now showing signs ofgrowth over both the short and medium terms.

As thisindustry expansion continues in the months to come, steel suppliers will againwork hard to keep this important structural commodity in good availability,underpinning the return to growth for the construction market as a whole.