The ongoing issues with the Manchester sinkhole on the Mancunian Way demonstrate why steel piling may be needed anywhere in the Greater Manchester region.

As a city famed for its wet weather, the Mancunian Way even found its way into Lemn Sissay’s public poem Rain, to be seen on the side of a building close to the University of Manchester campus.

“When the triumphant rain falls, we think of rainbows – it’s the Mancunian way,” the poem reads.

Unfortunately there is little triumphant about the Manchester sinkhole, which opened up several weeks ago across the city to the east, close to the Etihad Stadium.

In recent days further slippage set back repair work even further, highlighting the instability even on one of the city’s major transport routes.

The natural swell and shrinkage of soil in periods of wet and dry weather can cause problems for any structure – and it is here that steel piling can help.

By providing a more stable base for buildings, and pinning their foundations securely into the ground, steel piling helps structures to withstand the worst the elements can throw at them, even in climates as unpredictable as Manchester’s.