Steelsuppliers in the UK could see an increase in local production of the materialsthey stock, following the launch of the ‘Make it Britain’ campaign.

Manufacturers’organisation EEF reports that the third national manufacturing conference willbe held in March 2014 under the banner of ‘Make it Britain’.

This is anopportunity to address topics like re-shoring, in which manufacturers that haveshifted production overseas bring it back to the UK.

“Aspart of its campaign to highlight how manufacturing can contribute to astronger economy and rising living standards, EEF will publish a major piece ofresearch which looks at the growing trend for companies to bring productionback to the UK, the drivers behind it, and the contribution this can make toour economy,” EEF says.

With thistrend growing across the board, steel suppliers in the UK are likely to alsowelcome any opportunity to stock materials manufactured in Great Britain.

The benefitsof doing so are several, ranging from a smaller carbon footprint, to reducedcosts associated with transporting the materials from the point of production -not to mention the knowledge that the British steel industry, long regarded asone of the greatest in the world, has been safeguarded for the years to come.