Road platesform an important part of many construction projects, helping to keep opentrenches covered up when vehicles need to pass over them.

Thisimportant role of road plates could be particularly prominent in many of theroadworks that have been outlined for the UK’s motorway network in the comingmonths.

A £170million scheme has been announced by the Department for Transport, with the aimof improving road surfaces in 57 key locations nationwide.

The work onmost sites should be carried out during 2013-14, with some final work beforeMarch 2015, and the plan is to remove some of the current motorway bottleneckproblem zones.

Transportsecretary Patrick McLoughlin says: “Keeping traffic moving is vital tosecuring prosperity. By removing bottlenecks and improving access to localenterprise zones, key international trading ports and communities, these roadschemes will help get people to and from work and power the economy.”

Road platesput down a solid surface when excavation work is carried out – to lay pipes orcables beneath the road surface, for instance – and can also providemuch-needed grip during icy periods, if the temporary road surface is not up tothe required standard.

As the DfTand Highways Agency begin working on the improvements outlined in this scheme, wewill be ready to supply any road plates or other steel needed to get the workdone on time and with the maximum possible quality.