Puttingright London’s roads after “years of neglect” could bring asignificant boost to sales of road plate for steel suppliers in the UK.

The Mayor ofLondon’s Roads Task Force has published a report outlining its vision of how toimprove the performance of the capital’s road network.

It hascalled for “well managed access” for freight operators into the city,so that deliveries can be carried out outside of peak traffic times, to improvesafety and cut congestion.

The reportalso suggests constructing more road tunnels, to free up space above-ground formore pedestrian-friendly areas and open spaces.

“EveryLondoner, business and visitor is affected by what happens on the city’s streetsand roads,” the RTF states.

“80% ofall trips made by people and 90% of all goods moved in London every day are onroads.”

The EEF -the manufacturers’ organisation that encompasses UK Steel – has welcomed thereport, and urged the government to use it to kick-start a debate on long-termroad investment.

EEF head ofbusiness environment policy Roger Salomone said: “Roads are the backboneof our economy, but have suffered from years of neglect.

“TodayLondon has shown that it is prepared to think creatively and strategicallyabout this critical issue.”

Justa fortnight ago, we reported on good fortunes for road plate as a seven-year,£28 billion HM Treasury infrastructure plan is likely to boost demand from UKsteel suppliers from 2014 until 2020 and beyond.