You might expect to hear about structural steel being used to build a new Lego factory – but you probably wouldn’t expect a Lego steel mill built entirely of the miniature plastic bricks.

However, one man’s dedication has produced exactly that, after a year of careful brick-building with classic Lego bricks and parts from modern kits where necessary.

Scott Horwood, an engineer at Port Talbot steel mill since 2005, started last summer by building one stand to scale – and having completed that, he carried on recreating the rest of the steel mill.

His Lego steel mill now has seven stands and a coiler, and is not yet finished, as he wants to add more to it as he is able to find suitable parts at the right scale.

Mr Horwood told the BBC: “I started the project last July with one stand, then I built another and before long I had the full seven stands and the coiler.

“I have built part of the roughing mill, but because of the parts it needs to work it isn’t to scale. I am not going to give up – that is my next project.”

The BBC Wales report called his creation “a working replica”, and although it doesn’t actually roll molten steel, it can transport and coil strips of orange paper that give the effect of the glowing-hot steel on a much smaller scale.

Mr Horwood’s diminutive Lego steel mill is testament to the eye for detail and the warmth of affection held among many British steelworkers for the equipment they work with day in, day out.

The Carmarthenshire resident has worked in the steel mill for four years of his eleven at the Port Talbot plant – meaning he has been working on his model for about a quarter of his time in the mill, and nearly a tenth of his career at the plant.