Steel pilesare likely to see significant levels of demand in the months to come, as a wet 2012followed by a dry 2013 is predicted to lead to subsidence problems for manyproperty owners.

According toSearchflow, a provider of property searches, many exposed soil surfaces in theUK were inundated with rainfall in 2012, causing the earth to swell.

But in Julyand August of this year, much drier conditions are forecasted, which may inturn cause the dried-out soil to shrink, and lead to subsidence in some areas.

Steel pilesare a good option where foundations need to be strengthened, as they can bedriven into the ground without causing the disturbance that might be associatedwith drilling a larger hole to pour concrete into.

If concretefoundations are desired, steel piling can still be a useful addition, helpingto reinforce the concrete to provide long-term strength against torsionalforces.

Either way,steel piling is likely to be the method employed when reinforcing oldfoundations, and when laying new ones into relatively unstable ground duringthe summer of 2013.