Nobody wants to ‘nanny’ children, but it’s important to keep them safe from unnecessary threats, and steel road plates are one way schools can do just that.

The HSE has told schools not to “wrap kids in cotton wool” as the new academic year gets underway, but of course that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be protected against legitimate concerns.

And one area that might often be overlooked when it comes to the risks of trips and falls is the school car park.

Despite the best efforts of many schools to make the car park out of bounds to pupils, it can often be a handy short cut – and that means children might be running as they pass through it.

In an example risk assessment for car park operators, the HSE warns against trip hazards such as holes in the ground surface.

And until schools can get someone in to patch these up properly, steel road plates are a good alternative.

Often used to cover channels on building sites, steel road plates are sturdy and safe to walk on; they provide a visual indication that there is a hole underneath; and they are heavy enough that pupils are unlikely to be able to interfere with their positioning easily.

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