Steel pipes and tubes could have a useful role to play in protecting dump trucks – and their occupants – against the risk of rolling over, and the associated injuries that would be likely to be suffered by the driver or passengers if such an incident were to occur.

A team at the University of Science and Technology Beijing have just published research in the academic journal Applied Mechanics and Materials, looking at how steel pipes and tubes can be used to construct a protective roll cage for dump trucks.

The cab of the truck is heavy, with a rated payload of a maximum of 220 tonnes – meaning any structure affixed to it in order to improve safety must be strong too, especially if it is intended to provide protection during an incident of the truck rolling over.

In their research, the team used square steel tube to build a welded frame – effectively a roll cage for the dump truck, similar to those seen on beach buggies and other lightweight vehicles.

They found this to be “a feasible, economical and flexible scheme” with the ability to protect the driver against injury during rolls and vertical falls.

Steel Pipes Dump Truck