UK steel suppliers and their counterparts in other EU member states have been recognised in a motion from the European Parliament, which calls on the strategic value of the industry to be taken into account when prioritising reindustrialisation and environmental initiatives in countries whose steel sectors are significant.

In a joint motion for a resolution on December 15th, the European Parliament stated: “One of the EU’s objectives is to support the steel industry, to remove obstacles and threats to its competitiveness, and to make it responsive to changing European and non‑European market conditions.”

MEPs admitted that there are specific challenges for European steelmakers at present – ranging from high energy costs that could harm competitiveness, to high environmental standards and changing access to raw materials that may make it directly more difficult to produce steel.

However, these are mitigated by, for example, improving energy efficiency and resource efficiency, helping continental European and UK steel suppliers to reduce their carbon emissions while achieving cost savings at the same time.

The motion calls on the European Commission to develop strategic documents to guide the continent’s steel industries forwards while removing some of the barriers to growth and prosperity – all with the consultation and assistance of the relevant trade unions in each member state.