Steel tubesuppliers in the EU27 group of countries increased their output in 2010 – thelatest year for which complete information is available – according to theWorld Steel Association’s Steel Statistical Yearbook 2012.

Productionof tubes and tube fittings was up across the EU27, at 13.35 million metrictonnes in 2010, compared with 11.64 million in the previous year.

Seamlesstubes production also increased, from 3.3 million tonnes in 2009 to 4.16million in 2010 across the EU27 group.

And weldedtubes saw an increase as EU steel tube suppliers produced almost 9.2 milliontonnes, up from around 8.4 million tonnes the previous year.

Within thestatistics from European steel tube suppliers UK figures are incomplete; weldedtube production was up from 528,000 metric tonnes to 624,000 metric tonnes, andthe overall figures for tubes and tube fittings match this.

However, inthe figures for seamless tubes from European steel tube suppliers UK data isomitted, with none available more recently than 2007.

Despitethis, the overall figures are positive, and it seems the UK is seeing somegrowth, amid a wholly upward-moving European market.