Steelsuppliers across Europe gained the express support of the European UnionCommittee of the Regions (CoR) this week, as it adopted an opinion in favour ofthe European Commission’s action on safeguarding the future of the Europeansteel industry.

Theproposals include plans to ensure the delivery of industry-appropriatetraining, to assist in the redeployment of steelworkers who lose their jobs,while providing financial assistance in the interim.

During thecurrent economic cycle, for instance, the turbulence across all industrysectors has been reflected in the European steel sector’s employment levels,and 40,000 individuals have been made redundant across the continent.

Ensuringthat these skilled individuals receive any training they need to find workelsewhere in the industry, as well as assisting them until they find a new job,helps to make sure their skills and knowledge are not lost by the EU steelsuppliers that are still thriving.

CoRrapporteur Daniel Kersch says: “The future of the European steel industrydoes certainly not lie in a quantitative approach, but in a qualitative one,encouraging a more resource-efficient, low-carbon production.”

By ensuringa level playing field on jobs and necessary knowledge levels and frameworks forlow-carbon steel production, steel suppliers across the EU can look forward toa bright future, with policymakers working alongside, rather than against them.