Even thehumblest of steel stockists’ yards can look beautiful when the surface of themetal is dappled by raindrops or as its reflective exterior catches the rays ofthe sun.

Britishsteel stockists now have the chance to gain £5,000 of Canon camera equipment -not to mention plenty of publicity – by entering a photography competitionbeing run by EEF, parent group of UK Steel.

Thecompetition is welcoming entries relating to all areas of Britishmanufacturing, under the general heading of ‘Made in Britain’.

However,with steel an iconic element in British heavy industry, it is likely to play asignificant part in many of the entries.

TerryScuoler, chief executive of EEF, says: “We want to celebrate creativity onboth sides of the camera lens.

“Ouraim is to show the country the breadth and scope of British manufacturing,captured in stunning images.”

You don’teven need to have professional camera equipment in order to enter, as thecontest is operating across several different strands, including one that isdedicated to snaps taken with mobile phones.