UK steel stockists will be working hard to keep a plentiful supply of steel road plates available in the years to come, as demand is likely to spike for the materials as more road-building takes place.

Figures from the Construction Products Association forecast a 46.1% increase in road construction by 2018, raising activity levels by almost half their current amount in the next three years or so, and that in turn is likely to see steel road plates come under much greater demand.

Growth is expected in other areas too, including a massive 118.2% rise in construction of energy infrastructure by 2018, which is also likely to see spikes in demand at UK steel stockists for the kinds of structural steel beams and columns typically used in such infrastructure projects.

Dr Noble Francis, economics director at the CPA, said: “Roads construction is forecast to increase by 10.0% in 2014 and a further 5.0% in 2015 due to growth in the Highways Agency’s capital funding.”

But the report adds that a scarcity of materials could endanger this growth – something UK steel stockists will be working hard to ensure does not become a problem in the years ahead.

Construction Products Association