Universal steelbeams are an important element in structural steel construction, and could beset to see an increase in demand over the coming months and years.

An upswingin residential and infrastructure construction has already been seen during thepast 12 months, and industry organisations are expecting it to continue intothe second half of the decade.

The ONSreports a 4% overall rise in the year to August 2013, with an even greater 18%growth in private housing construction.

ConstructionProducts Association economics director Noble Francis says the trend is likelyto continue, with 2.2% growth in 2014 and 4.5% growth in 2015.

“Therecovery will be led primarily by private housing in the short term,” headds.

Any upturnis likely to drive demand for structural steel components, including universalsteel beams, whose versatility means they have a broad range of different usesin different types of construction.

However, UKsteel suppliers are likely to be keeping their fingers crossed for evidence ofmore government commitment to infrastructure investment, which could have aneven greater contribution to make to the industry, if policies and proposalsfinally begin to translate into action.