Talk about universal steel beams, and more often than not you’re referring to RSJs or I-beams, but in Orlando at the moment the term has another meaning.

Later this year, Universal Studios Florida marks its 25th anniversary, in the same year that Disneyland reaches its 60th birthday.

And while all eyes are on the “mouse house”, theme park blog Behind the Thrills has taken a peek over the fence at Universal, which it says is “too cool for big announcements”.

There, at the Islands of Adventure park, a huge steel structure is taking shape, a towering lattice of universal steel beams and columns in every sense of the word.

Universal Studios are yet to officially announce what this project is, but the emerging shape of the structure is reminiscent of at least one piece of film iconography.

According to Behind the Thrills, there is a chance it is the structural steel basis around which a rock face might be constructed.

This would then serve as the containing wall for a return of the iconic mega-primate Kong – something that is already being spoken in hushed tones among the theme park community, according to the blog.