Steel roadplates are likely to be in greater demand in the months to come, following theannouncement of an escalation in roadworks activity in the Chancellor’s AutumnStatement.

GeorgeOsborne outlined several areas in the UK where work will be increased toimprove the motorway and A-road networks.

They includeupgrading the northern stretch of the A1 to motorway standard, linking the A5with the M1, upgrades to the M25 and dualling of the A30 in Cornwall.

Any suchwork is likely to need steel road plates to allow vehicles to pass over areaswhere the ground has been excavated or channels dug.

This is goodnews for the steel industry, but also for the wider economy, as upgraded roadsmean there should be fewer delays and more options open when deciding whichroute to take.

In themeantime, suppliers will be on hand to make sure the required road plate andother structural elements are available for use on any roadworks that takeplace, to help ensure work is carried out on schedule and with minimaldisruption to the flow of traffic in the surrounding area.