The widened A4 at Calcot is contained within two retaining walls supported by a total of around 75 tonnes of structural steel.

Since late August, weekly updates from West Berkshire Council have provided insight into the process of widening the road, as well as constructing the surrounding infrastructure.

Up to about 75 tonnes of structural steel arrived to the site in early October, ready to be put together to provide the reinforcing frame for the concrete retaining walls.

By the week of October 20th, some sections of the walls had been filled in, while construction of the steel cages continued.

Now the western wall is completed, with the eastern wall due to follow soon, and the remaining backfilling work can be completed too.

“This week work on the eastern wall will continue including concrete pouring, waterproofing and backfilling,” the council said. “This area should be complete within the next two weeks.”

Meanwhile, backfilling on the western side is expected to be 50% done by Christmas, and work is beginning on the embankment at the Royal Avenue roundabout, giving Calcot a wider A4 and smoother traffic flow for early 2015.